My take on the Yankees and Alex Rodriguez

I’ve heard a lot of fans over the past few days talk about either their happiness, or sadness, or bitterness to get rid of Alex Rodriguez. I will say that I was not an Alex Rodriguez fan most of my life. He was a great talent, but I didn’t like him as a person; however, after the steroid incident and watching him come back during his appeal. I started to like him. Alex had become the humble guy that all Yankee fans wanted to see back in 2004 when he originally came over. He said the right things, and did the right things. My favorite Alex Rodriguez moment was when Ryan Dempster hit him and then he retaliated by putting one over the monster in Fenway.

Alex has grown on me over the past few years. He has become a much more humble player and I admire him for that; however, some of the hate that the Yankees are getting really has baffled me. First off he can’t play a position and it clogs the bench. Secondly, he is blocking kids with potential to help the Yankees win in the years coming by being on the roster. When Hal Steinbrenner came to Alex he didn’t make him retire. They had a discussion and Alex obviously agreed. The Yankees are still going to pay him every dollar of his contract, but he is free to go play for another team if he chooses to do so, but he is a wrench thrown in for the youth movement. He is great to have around kids and I am thrilled he will be back as a special advisor in 2017, but let’s not act like big stars with big contracts never get released. The Yankees feel it’s better to pay him his money on move on with the future.

Others ask “well, if we’re doing a youth movement why is McCann DHing and why is Tex still with the team.” Well simply they can play a position. The Yankees are thin at first base until Bird comes back and will be great to work with Austin at first base while I do think the Yankees are trying to trade McCann. Gary Sanchez looks as though he is now your regular guy behind the plate. The simple fact is that the Yankees won’t miss Alex and they can benefit a lot more by him not being on the roster, then by him being on the roster. 

The Yankees chose to take another step closer to creating their next great dynasty by unloading Alex. It should be interesting Saturday to see who they bring up in his place. 

My Prediction: Tyler Austin


Author: David Rinehart

Die hard Yankees fan! Grew up rooting for the dynasty the Yankees built in the 90's.

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