Revisiting the Justin Wilson trade from this off season.

Earlier this off season most Yankee fans groaned at the news that the Yankees traded LHP Justin Wilson to the Detroit Tigers in return for two prospects by the name of Chad Green (age 25) and Luis Cessa (age 24). Justin Wilson had posted a 3.10ERA with the Yankees and was absolutely brilliant during his tenure with the Yankees.

This year Wilson has faded into the home where bullpen pitchers go to die. The Detroit Tigers posting a modest 4.53ERA, but nothing like his previous season with the Yankees. To combat that move the Yankees traded a package of prospects to Cincinati to acquire Aroldis Chapman and make their bullpen the best in baseball. 

As we know the Yankee season didn’t go quite as planned and they traded their top two relievers to make their farm systems one of the best in baseball; however, while most the prospects they got won’t be ready for a few years, but extremely talented. The trade that has often been over looked is the Justin Wilson trade. Now, with Severino’s latest start both players involved in that trade will join the Yankee rotation. Below we will go over just who these guys are.

Chad Green (pictured above) has been a bit of a mystery this season. He has completely torn AAA to shreds posting a minuscule 1.52ERA over 94.2IP while only allowing 68 hits and 21 walks combined with an even 100 strike outs, but the majors have been a different story. He has a 4.94ERA over 4 starts and 4 relief appearances. In his second start he shut down the Padres over 6 innings only allowing one run to score while striking out eight. 

He has provided the Yankees with some pretty strong numbers. He’s pitched 9.1 innings while striking out eight, and allowing no runs. Green will get the start tomorrow at home against Toronto and hopefully with a few starts under his belt and the confidence of knowing he is staying up with the club can help him provide the Yankees with some quality starts.

Luis Cessa (pictured above) was the other pitcher that came over in the deal for Wilson. He has been much over looked this season. In AAA he has posted a very solid 3.03ERA over 77.1IP allowing just 66 hits while striking out 69 batters. In the majors he has posted a 5.30ERA over a small sample size of just 18.2IP. Personally, many including myself feel that Cessa may actually have better “starter” stuff than Green. He will make his first start for the Yankees on what would have been Severino’s next turn.

While their major league results may not be great to this point there both are undoubtedly talented and will be given a chance to flourish in the rotation. To be able to grab these two prospects for Justin Wilson was a great victory. The depth this it added to the rotation is paying off now. Once they get some major league experience they should be able to help this team. Though, the Chapman trade and the Miller trade go down as the big deals it’s easy to lose sight on deals such as this, that had they not made these moves they could really been struggling to fill holes in the rotation.


Author: David Rinehart

Die hard Yankees fan! Grew up rooting for the dynasty the Yankees built in the 90's.

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