Rain Delay: The Gary Sanchez Story.

Well, if you have watched any of the Yankee game today you know the star of the day is Gary Sanchez who has hit two home runs and drove in four runs. His home runs aren’t just any type of home run they are IMPRESSIVE. When he hits a home run everyone in the stadium knows it’s gone as soon as you hear the crack of the bat.

What has impressed me the most about Gary Sanchez is the approach he takes at the plate. Most people get caught up in stats, but in reality you have to look at a players approach at the plate. We need to see if they’re willing to chase out of the zone. Do they work counts and see pitches? Do they handle the spotlight well? The answer to all these is that Gary Sanchez has been really good in all parts of his approach.

If you notice when Gary Sanchez is at bat he swings at strikes, and he has a swagger to himself of someone who is a 10 time all star. We haven’t even touched on his defense which has been stellar. He calls a great game behind the plate and has an absolute laser behind the plate. 

While it’s still to early to assume anything Gary Sanchez has all the tools and the indications of becoming a true super star for the Yankee ball club. If Brian McCann and Austin Romine were worried before they better be very worried now. Sanchez looks like he has solidified himself as the starting catcher. 


Author: David Rinehart

Die hard Yankees fan! Grew up rooting for the dynasty the Yankees built in the 90's.

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