Is Brian McCann A Full Time DH Now? 

Anyone who follows baseball can tell you that Gary Sanchez has burst onto the scene at rocket speed. With Austin Romine putting together a solid season as the back up catcher the Yankees have found themselves in an interesting position regarding Brian McCann. Since the all star break McCann has been batting .198 since taking over the presumed DH role over the last week he is batting .273 with an on base percentage of .385 compared to his season average of .332. While McCann may still feel that he can be an everyday catcher he is 32 years old going on 33 and has caught for over 10 major league seasons now. McCann is a very good offensive player when rested and healthy. He posts a career batting average of .266 as a catcher and is a shoe in for 20-25 homers a season. The wear and tear on McCann’s legs has been easy to see as he has not performed up to par at the plate this year. McCann seems to have more spunk in his step now. Last night he even took a base when no one was looking at him.

Since Gary Sanchez has been in the league outside of his impressive display at the plate, and his rocket of an arm. What has been most impressive has been the way he calls a game especially for these younger pitchers that he has worked with in the minors this year. Since the Severino start when Sanchez is behind the plate Yankee starters have thrown 24.2IP of scoreless baseball. The starting staff as a whole has been much better with Sanchez behind the plate. He has worked hard fastballs in more effectively than McCann as well. His arm is also extremely strong.

At this point in McCann’s career if the Yankees can’t move him is expect to see him get some time at first, but most his time at the DH spot. With the youth movement the Yankees have started if McCann could get hot and give them a really strong month of September at the dish he could really help the Yankees in their pursuit of a playoff run.


Author: David Rinehart

Die hard Yankees fan! Grew up rooting for the dynasty the Yankees built in the 90's.

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