Why The Yankees Trading Ben Gamel, The MVP in AAA Was A Great Move.

The Yankees have obviously started building for the future. After trading off the stars on their team. They have allowed young rookies like Sanchez, Judge, Austin, Cessa, Green and others to contribute.

The Yankees have a big time 40 man roster issue on their hands for next season. They have a lot of very talented players up for the Rule 5 draft, and not many spots to use. 

Outfield depth for The New York Yankees runs very deep. Imagining that Clint Frazier will most likely debut at some point next season, and with young talent in the majors already between Judge and Hicks the Yankees have plenty of depth. 

Ben Gamel was obviously their most valued outfield piece not named Judge, or Frazier. The Yankees were able to move him and grab two very talented 19 year old arms. The Yankees do not have much pitching depth in the minors. Also, with the Yankees playing for 2019 they are stacking up on A ball talent that won’t be rule 5 draft eligible for the next few years. That means you don’t have to give them a 40 man roster spot, and you can still keep them.

The Yankees continue to move the clock back and get younger with this deal. Ben Gamel was thought of as a fourth outfielder in the majors. He had above average speed, and defense. He was a slap hitter and used his legs to beat out a lot of base hits. Though Gamel is talented and could contribute the Yankees made the right move here. They were able to aquire  two 19 year old pitchers.

The first pitcher is Juan DePaula the 19 year old has put up a 3.07ERA over 41 innings this season. When he was first signed he threw in the mid to upper 80’s. This season he has been clocked as high as 94. He sits consistently around 90-92 with his fastball. He has a curveball that he is trying to develop. It is not a great pitch at the moment, but it continues to develop. He also features a change up that has potential to either be an average, or above average pitch. At only 19 years of age a jump from mid to high 80’s to being able to touch 94 is a big jump. It is also a jump that Yankees fans should be very excited about. He also attacks the zone last year over 77 innings he only walked 15 batters while striking out 68. This season he walked 11 batters and over 41 innings and struck out 53. 

Jio Orozco who is also 19 years old comes into the Mariners as the 20th prospect in the Mariners organization. He also has better raw talent than DePaula. His fastball has sat consistently in the low to mid 90’s. He has a 12-6 curve ball that has potential to be a true major league put away pitch. His change up has struggled this season, but he has a good feel for it and it has a potential to develop into a plus pitch as well. With three solid pitch offerings it’s easy to see how Orozco is a highly touted piece for the Yankees at just 19 years of age.

With this trade the Yankees continue to stock pile talent in the A ball level after completing yesterday’s trade of Ivan Nova. The Yankees aquired Tito Polo, and Stephen Tarpley in the Nova trade.

Tito Polo is a 22 year old center fielder. He batted .289 with 16 homers and 37 stolen bases. Below is a scouting report from Riveraveblues.com from the Minor League Baseball website. 

Polo has shown a knack for making consistent hard contact from the right side of the plate and should continue to hit for a decent average. Though he is just 5-foot-9, he has surprising strength, and he started tapping into it more in 2016 … Polo runs very well, with his speed allowing him to be a base-stealing threat and cover a good amount of ground in the outfield … Polo plays with high energy, and that should allow him to maximize his tools. He may eventually profile best as a fourth outfielder, but one who can help a team win in a number of ways.

Stephen Tarpley was the other player that the Yankees got in that trade. He is highly regarded as a pitcher. The 23 year old has the solid makings of a good pitcher. Below is a snippet provided from riveraveblues and the Minor League Baseball website.

He’ll run his fastball up to 94-95 mph at times and throws it with good sink to generate ground-ball outs. Tarpley has two breaking balls and likes to throw his curve more than his slider, though the Pirates feel the slider is better … He also has a good feel for his changeup, giving him a solid three-pitch mix he uses to pound the strike zone.

With the Yankees continuing to play for the future it is good to see them stock piling talent in the lower level. This gives the Yankees flexibility on the 40 man roster, and also shows signs of a very promising future for the New York Yankees. By making moves like this it will keep the Yankees from losing players and getting nothing for them in the Rule 5 draft. While only time can tell what the trade holds the motive for the trade is completely on point. Again, the Yankees deliver with another solid trade.

By making these trades the Yankees continue to add talent, and depth while not having to worry about the Rule 5 draft. By the time the legendary free agency class of 2018 comes around these players will have developed two more complete seasons. Some will be busts, some will be good, but the most intriguing part is that if the Yankees do develop an absurd amount of talent they can always trade. They could trade prospects for an area they are weak in for 2019, and use free agency to their advantage.

With a ton of payroll coming off the books over the next two seasons. These are the trades that will be essential to getting the Yankees that little extra piece they need to make them elite. The minor league talent they have received over the past two days for Gamel and Nova has been impressive. The Yankees definitely have bright days ahead of them.


Author: David Rinehart

Die hard Yankees fan! Grew up rooting for the dynasty the Yankees built in the 90's.

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