Yankees Trade Ben Gamel to Seattle Mariners For Jio Orozco and Juan De Paula

One day removed from winning MVP of the international league the Yankees have traded outfielder Ben Gamel. Gamel batted .308 this year in the minors, and uses his legs well. He is regarded as a good slap hitter with above average defense and speed. 

The Yankees will receive Jio Orozco and Juan De Paula in return. Orozco is a 19 year old right handed pitcher. He currently sits at twentieth in the Mariners farm system. Over 48.2 innings pitched this season he has posted an ERA just above 4. His strike out ratio is pretty good. He has struck out 63 over those 48.2 innings.

Juan De Paula will also come over in the deal. He is another 19 year old right hander. He pitched to a 3.07ERA this season over 41 innings while striking out 53.

It appears that the Yankees are trying to strengthen their starting pitching for the future. Trading Gamel just one day after winning the MVP is a move that will be questioned. Only time will tell whether this was the right deal or not. Both pitchers certainly are talented, but are far from the majors. This also probably serves as an opportunity for the Yankees to free up some space on their 40 man roster.

Why Make a The Trade?:

The Yankees have a serious 40 man roster crunch coming, and given their outfield depth a trade like this makes sense for the Yankees. The Yankees received two 19 year old pitchers who can potentially contribute one day. They have 4 years left before they hit the Rule 5 draft. By making this move the Yankees get younger, and add pitching depth. It helps keep a lot of their talent, and continue to develop their farm system.

Why Should They Not Have Made The Trade:

Obviously Gamel was the MVP of the AAA team, and with that and the two consecutive seasons over .300 in the minors he has emerged as a potential player; however, his bat may not play well in the majors. 

My Thoughts:

With Clint Frazier most likely making his way to the majors at some point. The Yankees had to much outfield depth. They were able to get some real pitching talent, and can continue to  get younger. The Yankees free up a spot on the 40 man roster, and so I think this could be a very good move by the Yankees. Many scouts doubt that Gamel will ever be able to evolve into anything more than a fourth outfielder.


Author: David Rinehart

Die hard Yankees fan! Grew up rooting for the dynasty the Yankees built in the 90's.

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