5 Bold September Predictions: Could Mark Teixeira Lead Yankees To Post Season.

Welcome to September baseball! The Yankees set off to start play against the Orioles tonight. The Yankees start September two games out of the loss column for the second wild card. After an impressive 17-11 record in August the Yankees are in prime striking position. Below we will go over bold predictions for the Yankees this September 

Number One: Mark Teixeira Has A Huge September.

In Teixeria’s last seven games he has batted .276 with a home run and five runs batted in. Teixeira is now entering the final month of his career. Set to retire at the end of the season I look for Teixeira to have a big month at the dish. 

Since he announced his retirement Teixeira has played much better. He has also provided the Yankees with great defense as always. Teixeira has his moment to shine now with the Yankees.

Number Two: The Yankee Bullpen Will Perform Better Than It Has All Season.

We all know that the Yankees had something very special with no runs DMC, but they struggled to find any support outside of them. The Yankee bullpen is now as deep as it has been all year. With Clippard, Warren, and Betances being the bridge to most wins. The Yankees have seen an emergence in one of their key bullpen pitchers from last season, Chasen Shreve. He pitched wonderfully after his last promotion getting the Yankees out of what seemed to be an impossible jam against the Royals. He worked on his splitter and slider and can hopefully continue to produce.

The Yankees have also added Holder, Severino, and Heller in a bullpen to add more depth. All three pitchers could really contribute to the Yankee bullpen and put it into a level that we haven’t seen all year. They might not be as lights out as the No Runs DMC crew was, but in close games where you can’t use any of your big three they should be much more reliable.

Number Three: Gary Sanchez And The ‘Baby Bombers’ Continue To Produce.

Gary Sanchez is obviously the talk of baseball after his historic first month in the majors. Expect to see more from Sanchez over this final month. He has proven to be an emotional leader for the Yankees over the last month and let’s not forget about the defense he plays. Sanchez has a rocket arm that can help limit stolen bases, and calls a solid game. He also is very familiar with the young pitchers the Yankees have right now. 

Sanchez is not the only ‘Baby Bomber’ though and I’d expect to see the others step up. Look for solid contributions from Aaron Judge. The more major league pitching he sees the more dangerous he becomes. Expect a much better month of September from Judge. 

Number Four: Chad Green And Luis Cessa Provide Much Needed Support In The Rotation.

If the Yankees want to have any hope of making the post season they have to be able to rely on other starters not named Tanaka. Chad Green and Luis Cessa could be huge contributors to the Yankee rotation. Providing stability and giving the Yankees quality starts would be huge. Neither of these guys have to provide ace like stuff. They need to be able to keep the Yankees in games, and be able to hold down games where they have a nice lead.

Number Five: The Yankees Claim The Second Wild Card.

Let’s face it. If all of these things go right the Yankees are destined for the playoffs. With the Orioles fading late in the season I think the Yankees will sweep in and take the second wild card position. With the presence of veteran leadership, and a young core with a winners mentality. I think the Yankees control their own path to the post season this year. Everything is clicking at the right time and the Yankees have never been this poised all season to make a run at the post season. 


Author: David Rinehart

Die hard Yankees fan! Grew up rooting for the dynasty the Yankees built in the 90's.

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