Yankees Fans: Don’t Judge

Aaron Judge has become the new Yankee scape goat over the past couple of weeks. In just 58 plate appearances Judge has struck out a whopping 30 times. Batting just .172 with 3 homers and 9 runs batted in; however, it is entirely to early to judge him. 

Judge was known to be a streaky player even down in the minors this season alone he had two months which he batted under .200. In May he batted .183, and in July batted just .160; however, he batted .343 in June and .353 in August. Also, last season after his promotion to AAA he batted just .194 over his first 30 games. 

While his start has been less than spectacular. Let’s not start to write Judge off. He is expected to be someone who strikes out a lot, and bats for a low average due to his size, but he also profiles to have a lot of power with the potential to be an RBI machine. He also plays a good right field and has a strong arm. 

Judge will have to adjust to the majors. Currently, pitchers are eating him alive with breaking pitches down and away. While Judge continues to figure it out remember his plus potential. He has always bounced back from bad months, and bad starts. 

Growing pains are to be expected with anyone who is embracing a youth movement. The youth movement is here, and these are the pains to endure over the course of the next few seasons. The ‘Baby Bombers’ have taken over the line up with Sanchez, Austin, Judge, Refsnyder, Torreyes, Romine and others. They have also seized control of the bullpen where almost every single arm in the pen is now a Yankee farm product. 

Judge certainly has the potential to be a star, and if he doesn’t match that talent it will certainly take more than a bad month or two to determine that. If Judge were to get hot he could be the driving force behind a Yankee post season birth. Continue to let him get his at bats and see what he can give you.


Author: David Rinehart

Die hard Yankees fan! Grew up rooting for the dynasty the Yankees built in the 90's.

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