It’s Time To Believe. The Yankees Playoff Push Is Real.

Picture Belongs To YES Network, and Yankees

If you didn’t believe in the ‘Baby Bombers’ and the Yankees playoff push before. You better start believing now. The Yankees are playing their best baseball over the season and now sit at 72-65 and could pull within three games of the top wild card position by just winning again tonight. The rest of the American League has gotten closer as the Yankees continue to win, and they have pulled themselves closer to the pack. 

Major news publications have made the Yankees playoff push out to be something to sweep under the rug. They have dismissed the Yankees and their legitimacy for a playoff spot. The major news wants to dismiss the Yankees as a fairytale. They say that the Yankees will fall apart, but tell fans that the Yankees do have a bright future, but they better start acknowledging the present. Fans across the league don’t want to see the Yankees rebuild and still compete, but that is exactly what they’re doing. 

With just 25 games left to go in the season the Yankees sit 4 games behind Toronto and Boston, and just 3 games behind Baltimore in the chase for the wild card. Most people will tell you that the Yankees schedule is to tough to make the playoffs, but I say the Yankees schedule makes them stronger. The Yankees have 19 games left against teams that currently sit ahead of them in the standings, and what is the best way to catch a team that is in front of you? By playing them, and then in return these teams are also playing against each other as well. The Yankees have 14 home games left against 11 road games. 

Over the next 30 days all the AL East will start beating up on each other. During this stretch the Yankees need to continue doing their part by winning games, and series against the teams sitting ahead of them. The Yankees have a clear path to playoff baseball, but it won’t be easy; however, after last night these resilient Yankees have shown me that they are capable of anything. Consider the amount of times the Yankees have just let a team slide by for a win. They could have presumably swept Toronto in their last meeting, but only was able to capture one of three. The Yankees are a different team now, and they have proven they belong in this race. 

The 2016 Yankees may not make the playoffs, but they have proven to be a team full of competitors who are willing to put everything on the line. Veteran leadership has meshed perfectly with with the Baby Bombers and their surge of energy. Tyler Austin has been a driving force for the Yankees over these past three games, and expect to see more from him. He has true potential as a hitter, and is driving the ball with authority. Remember in AAA he was a .323 hitter. Gary Sanchez had a record breaking month, and Aaron Judge is showing some signs of life again as well.

The 2016 Yankees story still has more to be written, and hopefully we have not yet touched the climax. 


Author: David Rinehart

Die hard Yankees fan! Grew up rooting for the dynasty the Yankees built in the 90's.

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