There Is Something Special About Tyler Austin

Tyler Austin has sparked the Yankee offense over the past three games and helped give the Yankees a clear path to the post season. If you haven’t read Austin’s life story. You can read my article below. 

Tyler Austin’s Life Story

On August 13th when Tyler Austin was promoted for his first game. He took no time bursting onto the scene. In his first major league at bat he hit a home run and exploded onto the scene. You can relive Austin’s story book beginning with the video below.

Tyler Austin Goes Yard In First At-Bat

After a story book beginning things went south for the Yankees newest ‘Baby Bomber’; however, much like his life story, Austin embraced the adversity as he went just 4 for his next 33 with 13K’s. He was failing to make solid contact on the ball, and swinging at pitches down in the zone. 

Fans and experts alike across the Yankee Organization began to doubt if Austin’s magical .323 season in AAA was ever going to be able to translate into Major League success; however, when you have been through as much as Austin has been the last thing that is going to discourage you is a slow start. As a cancer survivor, and as a baseball player who was questioning if he would ever make it to the show. Austin has proved that he is resilient as anyone in baseball, and he is the living definition of the 2016 Yankees season. He embodies an aurora about himself that proves to be special. He has a fighters mentality, and embodies the spirit of a warrior.

In Baltimore we saw a swing from Austin that we had yet to see at the major league level. Though he went just 1-4 he squared the ball up and hit it with authority. This lead to his big performance in game one against the Blue Jays where he doubled twice and just missed a homerun in the deepest part of the ball park. Then, yesterday in a crucial game against Blue Jays ace Aaron Sanchez Tyler Austin deposited a birthday bomb that went 425 feet to deep right field. You can watch his mammoth sized home run below. He also walked. Over his two game stretch against Toronto he is 3-5 with 2 doubles, a home run, 4 runs batted in, and a walk.

Tyler Austin’s Deep Blast To Right Field

Tyler Austin is showing that he has the chance to get really hot and help spark this Yankee offense all the way into the playoffs. Austin also is competing for a position on the team next season. He is a warrior, and every game you know you will get everything he has. Austin seems as though he has found that sweet stroke this season after staying healthy for an entire season. Look for more contributions from this kid as he continues to burst on the scene. You can also read my article below about the potential for Tyler Austin to be the Yankees spark plug to the post season.

Tyler Austin Could Be The Spark The Yankees Need


Author: David Rinehart

Die hard Yankees fan! Grew up rooting for the dynasty the Yankees built in the 90's.

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