Playoff Picture Recap: Everything You Need To Know

Last night the New York Yankees electrified the entire city with their sweep of Toronto. With the sweep of Toronto the Yankees have never been in a better position then what they are now. Below we will go over the standings, and remaining schedules for the contenders


  1. Boston 78-61 — 
  2. Toronto 77-62 1GB
  3. Baltimore 76-63 2GB
  4. New York 73-65 4GB

Breaking Down Each Playoff Contender Below:

Boston Red Sox:The Yankees have 7 games remaining against the first place Red Sox. 4 on the road, and 3 at home. The Yankees currently sit 4 games out of the lead for the division. Boston is headed to Toronto for a three game series that will start tomorrow. Then they will go to Fenway and play three against Baltimore and four against the Yankees. Then they will pack up and head to Baltimore for 4 games, Tampa for 3, and finish up their road trip with 3 at the Yankees. The Red Sox finish up the season at Fenway with 3 against Toronto.

Toronto Blue Jays: 

Toronto is headed home after the sweep and they will get Boston for 3 and Tampa for 3. Then they will turn around and fly to the west coast with a 4 game set against the Angels, and 3 game set against the Mariners. After that they come back home with a 4 game series against the Yankees and a 3 game series against Baltimore. They finish the season with 3 games at Fenway

Baltimore Orioles:

The Orioles are packed up and they will start a 3 game set against Detroit then go to Boston for 3 games. They come back home for a long home stand and play Tampa for 4, Boston for 4, and the D-Backs for 3. They finish the season with 3 at Toronto and 3 in the Bronx.

Wild Card Race:

  1. Toronto 77-62 +1
  2. Baltimore 76-63 —
  3. Detroit 75-64 1GB
  4. Houston 74-65 2GB
  5. New York 73-65 2GB
  6. Kansas City 72-67 4GB

Detroit Tigers:

Their next series starts off against the Orioles who currently lead them by one game in the wild card standings. They wil get the wins for 4 at home, and then hit the road for 3 at Cleveland and 3 at Minnesota. They return with a tough 7 game home stand. They play 3 against the Royals and 4 against Cleveland. They finish the season with 3 in Atlanta.

Houston Astros:

Houston finishes their series with Cleveland today. They go home with 3 against the Cubs and 3 against the Rangers. Then they pack up and go to the west coast; 3 games at Seattle, and 3 against Oakland. They come home and play 4 against the Angels and 3 against Seattle, but they have to fly out to the west coast to finish their season with 3 against the Angels.

My Take:

Obviously it’s AL East month and all the teams in front of the Yankees will pretty much be playing each other, and when they aren’t they will be playing the Yankees. The Yankees are entirely in control of their own destiny. They can’t afford to have a let down against Tampa. They have to continue winning and pulling closer to the playoffs. The Yankee playoff push is real, and regardless of what happens from this point on. The Yankees have shown that they belong, and have exceeded everyone’s expectations. What was supposed to be a rebuilding year has turned into the most exciting playoff run the Yankees have had in years.


Author: David Rinehart

Die hard Yankees fan! Grew up rooting for the dynasty the Yankees built in the 90's.

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