Chase Headley Is More Solid Than He Is Given Credit For

Chase Headley is the head of a lot of Yankee scrutiny. A lot of this is because Headley doesn’t typically get very hot, but it seems as though sometimes he gets very cold. 

This April was obviously an absolutely disgusting month. He batted just .150 with no extra base hits in April. He became the Yankee scape goat as they fell all the way to 9-17 on the season. 

Headley answered that by batting .298 the following month. Since then Headley has been solid for the Yankees. If you get rid of April he has batted .275 this season with a .343 on base percentage. He would be on pace for a season with 26 home runs and 77 runs batted in as well.

Headley is also a gritty player and he is among the best in the league at the hot corner defensively. He really worked on his throwing over the off season and his defense has been great. 

Something else that is often forgotten about with Chase Headley is his base running. He’s not going to steal 30-40 bases a season, but he does provide solid base running. If you don’t watch him while he’s on base he will take off, he gets great jumps, and has a high on base IQ.

Going into a season you can count on Headley to provide great defense. He should bat somewhere around .260 with average power and an average amount of runs batted in. He’s not a flashy player, nor will he ever be, but he has been more solid then most recognize.

Lastly, Headley’s contract isn’t bad. He is owed 13 million for the next two seasons, and then he is a free agent. This works out perfectly with the Yankees re-build as that is the time that potential young minor leaguers could help the Yankees at third base. 


Author: David Rinehart

Die hard Yankees fan! Grew up rooting for the dynasty the Yankees built in the 90's.

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