Closing Is No Big Deal For Yankees Dellin Betances

Over the weeks there has been much speculation on whether Betances had the mentality to close; however, I think he has a great make up for a closer. I think a lot of media stations are looking to get clicks and show unpopular opinions.

Betances was originally a starting pitcher, and he really impressed early in his career. Betances, Banuelos, and Brackman were known as the killer B’s and the next big thing for the Yankees.

Dellin worked his way through the minors, but had mixed results due mostly to his control. In 2009 he posted a 5.48ERA and then worked his way up the minors posted a 2.11ERA the following year and a respectable 3.70ERA in 2011, but in AAA his ERA was 5.14. Dellin would make his MLB Debut in 2011 and posted a 6.75ERA. 

By the time 2012 came around Dellin was absolutely horrible in the minors. He put up a 6.44ERA and got demoted to AA where he wasn’t any better. 

In 2013 Dellin was re considering his career. The Yankees wanted to try him as a reliever and he had lost confidence in himself. His friends and family told him to try it out and see how it went. 2013 was a great year for Betances as he posted a 2.68ERA and earned a call up late in the season. Even though he did not fare well with an ERA of 10.80 he gained invaluably great experience when Mariano Rivera took him under his wing. 

After spending a season relieving, and gaining experience from Yankee great Mariano Rivera. Betances came into spring training ready to compete for a position. He was masterful in spring training and with the bases loaded and just one out. Girardi turned to Betances to face Jose Bautista. He would strike out Bautista and get Edwin Encarnacion to fly out to left field. Girardi said that it was that moment he knew Betances was coming with the team.

Betances worked 70 games and maintained a small 1.40ERA, and the rest is history from that point on. Betances has worked in three major league seasons now, and he has worked with the likes of: Mariano Rivera, Aroldis Chapman, Andrew Miller and Dave Robertson. He has gained so much through working with other great closers.

With the type of pitcher that Betances is. Some bad outings can be expected as a closer Betances has not yet blown a game since assuming the closers position. For a kid that almost gave up on his major league pursuit and then being able to be where he is today. That is someone that you don’t have to worry about their mental make up. Obviously, Betances has some of the best stuff in baseball as well. 


Author: David Rinehart

Die hard Yankees fan! Grew up rooting for the dynasty the Yankees built in the 90's.

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