Mason Williams Needs To Be Called Up To Help In Right Field

As we draw closer and closer to the end of the season. It looks as though the Yankees may be forced to give Judge a few days off. This isn’t a permanent decision, or something that signals this kid is a failure; however, he is hurting the Yankees right now.

The Yankees have three kids who can grab at bats in right field. Between Mason Williams, Rob Refsnyder, and Tyler Austin. Though, Austin is due to mostly play first base with Teixiera’s inefficiency. They all prove to be worthwhile options in right though.

Mason Williams is back now and playing after being hurt most of last season. He came back and got hot. He batted .328 in the month of September at the AAA level. He has also impressed in the playoffs so far batting .333 with a game winning home run in game one.

Judge has struggled to get anything going, and at points he has shown to be a liability in right field this season. Most notably in tonight’s game against the Dodgers when he dropped a ball in right field that brought home two runs. 

The Yankees would be wise to go to the speedy Williams and platoon him with Refsnyder to see how it went. Williams is also on the 40 man roster and obviously the Yankees need to figure out if they should carry him with the 40 man roster crunch they have coming up.

In limited time with the Yankees last season he batted .286 over 8 games while providing solid defense. The Yankees may need to give Judge a few days, and see how the platoon of these two players will go. Williams will also provide an advantage by making more contact, and being able to use his legs. He can bunt and help move runners. Like I said though, it’s not admitting he’s a failed prospect, or that he doesn’t have any potential. The Yankees just simply must find a solution and a way to get some production out of right field.


Author: David Rinehart

Die hard Yankees fan! Grew up rooting for the dynasty the Yankees built in the 90's.

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