David Cone Is Exactly What The 2017 Yankees Need

2017 will be a big year for the Yankees. It will be a transition season. We will see a lot more of the ‘Baby Bombers’ and we will new faces as well. The rotation has been in disarray this season outside of Tanaka, and with no veteran pitching help likely on the way. The Yankees need to find a leader, and a true professional to lead these young arms.

With that being said I personally think David Cone could be a crucial part of the Yankees progression of young farm hens. Though I still maintain that Larry Rothschild has not been that bad. Come is exactly what the Yankees need.

If you’re like me you watch almost every game on YES Network, and I am always so happy when Cone is in the booth. His love for baseball, and for the Yankees shines through. If you notice Cone always knows exactly what is going on in the minors, and he offers sound advice for pitchers. Everything I’ve ever heard him say has been absolutely spot on. 

Outside of his obvious knowledge of the Yankee system, who else would be better fit to teach these talented arms than the warrior himself. Who could forget when David Cone came back from surgery for an aneurysm in his shoulder. Though most people said he wouldn’t pitch again that season, Cone had other plans. Doctors said they were worried for his overall well being, but after rehabbing Cone came back just as strong as ever. He proved to be the spark the Yankees needed and they rode him all the way to a World Series Championship.

David Cone was so many things for the Yankees, but he was also an emotional leader and battle tested pitcher. If Cone didn’t have his stuff he would get through it, no excuses. If one pitch didn’t work he’d adjust and get through it somehow, someway. Even if that meant that he had to make up a pitch on the mound. Cone never backed down from a moment and he used his witt to outsmart his opponents.

Fast-forward to 2016. The Yankees staff has very talented pieces that have struggled to put together any consistency. The Yankees would be wise to try and bring Cone on board. He is somebody that has a winning mentality and has been through the battles and has pitched in the biggest moments, on the biggest stage. Cone is a leader, and he is someone that is easy to look up to. He would prove to be a clubhouse leader, and someone you want your young pitchers to be around.

Cone represents and embodies what the true spirit of the 90’s dynasty’s were all about. A true grinder, a true warrior, resilient, and courageous. He had a never give up attitude that shined through in the biggest moments. Who could forget his countless huge victories, and his 2.12ERA in his five World Series appearances all-time. 

Growing up I looked up to David Cone and I know that the young arms will do that as well. People looked up to him because when he was needed the most he always stepped up. He never made excuses and he accepted nothing less than excellence. If Cone were willing to take the job I think he would be a welcomed addition to the Yankee staff. He can help build and form the Yankees next great Yankee dynasty.

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Author: David Rinehart

Die hard Yankees fan! Grew up rooting for the dynasty the Yankees built in the 90's.

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