Why The Yankees Signed Billy Butler, And Why It Was A Good Idea

So I have been flooded with questions about the Billy Butler signing. Here is why the Yankees made the signing and why they were right to do so.

The Yankees have struggled to put runs on the board lately, and they have lacked right handed hitting from the DH position. Today, Austin Romine looked horrendous in the DH spot. 

The Yankees are looking to catch lightning in a bottle with Billy Butler. He has been a Red Sox killer especially at Fenway park. He is also great with runners in scoring position batting .326 with runners in scoring position this season.

Butler batted a respectable .276 with the A’s this season and here is a picture of his career stats.

The Yankees had no one to fill this role as a right handed hitter with some power. He also has veteran leadership and helped the Royals down the stretch in the playoffs. He is making the league minimum and will only be with the Yankees until the final game of the season which is on October 2nd. He is not playoff eligible and will not be around for anymore than three weeks with the Yankees.

He will provide to be a solid option for the Yankees as they go to play their most crucial series of the year against the Red Sox. Billy Butler loves the green monster, and the Yankees will face three lefties in the four game series. That means get ready to see a lot of Butler over the next four games.

Regardless, this pick up can’t be a bad move. There was literally nothing given up for Butler, and he isn’t taking a young stars spot. He is simply here to try and spark the Yankees to the playoffs. Butler has power to the alleys and with the lack of production the Yankees have been given lately he could prove to be a good player to have down the stretch. He can even pinch hit in certain situations.

The Yankees can’t lose anything by making this deal, but they can gain a lot, so nothing to worry about Yankee Universe! Butler is nothing but a rental that could really prove to be a vital part of a post season run if he catches his stroke.


Author: David Rinehart

Die hard Yankees fan! Grew up rooting for the dynasty the Yankees built in the 90's.

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