Should The Yankees Sign Aroldis Chapman This Off-Season?

Aroldis Chapman is a free agent this off season and many Yankee fans wonder if the Yankees will consider signing him back.

Chapman was great with the Yankees posting a 2.01ERA while grabbing 20 saves. Chapman was quoted multiple times saying how much he loved New York.

There are valid arguments to both sides of this debate. The reason that some aren’t sold on Chapman coming back is the depth the Yankees have in their farm system in the bullpen. They also have been hesitant to signing any player to a large contract which Chapman would probably require. Steinbrenner has been adamant about getting his team under the luxury tax number as soon as possible, so that may play into things for the Yankees who haven’t signed a major free agent since 2014.

The Yankees have a lot of reasons to sign Chapman though. Chapman has proven that he can close games in New York, and Betances could be a great bridge to him. Obviously Chapman is the most exciting closer in baseball to watch and is one of the best bullpen pitchers in the game. It could be the edge that the Yankees need to get into the playoff’s next season.

My Take:

With the way that Tyler Clippard and Dellin Betances have performed the Yankees could build another super bullpen.

Another note would be that by making this move you could add Adam Warren to the mix of starters next year, and if he didn’t work out he could move back to the bullpen again.

Personally, I think it’s something the Yankees should look at, but I wouldn’t overpay for Chapman either. If the deal makes sense then a reunion in the Bronx may be welcomed. 

The Yankees have added a lot of potential bullpen depth since the Chapman was last wearing pinstripes. That was the biggest problem during Chapman’s tenure as a Yankee. They had three of the most dominating relievers in baseball, but struggled with their middle relief and as a result they blew some games before they could get to the big three.

Given Betances’ recent struggles a reunion could become more realistic; however, Yankee fans must not jump to conclusions on Betances. He is showing that he is much better in a set up, or 7th inning role. Given the struggles he has had with throwing the ball to the base. That certainly doesn’t bode well for him being a long term closer. He also can’t even come close to holding runners on. 

While it’s still a long time from free agency. It’s an interesting subject that less than a year after being traded for three times the haul that the Red’s got from the Yankees. That he could return to wear pinstripes again.


Author: David Rinehart

Die hard Yankees fan! Grew up rooting for the dynasty the Yankees built in the 90's.

4 thoughts on “Should The Yankees Sign Aroldis Chapman This Off-Season?”

  1. I think it’s definitely something they should look into. Betances has been too shaky recently and hasn’t handled the closer role very well, even in his saves. Clippard staying as good as he has been, and betances setting up chapman is as close to No runs dmc as we’ll get.


  2. All very nice thoughts but don’t you think there’s a strong chance that the Cubs will make him an offer he can’t refuse? He’ll be on a much stronger team in playoff and WS contention for years.


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