Chance Adams Looking Like A Steal With The 2015 5TH Round Pick

With the 153rd overall pick in the 2015 draft the Yankees selected Chance Adams from Dallas Baptist. 

Adams was lights out in 2015 when he posted a 1.78ERA over 35.1 innings allowing just 24 hits while striking out 45.

Adams has a fastball that sits between 94-96 and he has been able to run his fastball up as high as 99. He pairs that together with a good slider, and a change up that is continuing to develop.

He was absolutely lights out this season, and there was no true competition for him in either league that he pitched in this season. He posted a combined ERA of 2.33 which is impressive, but it doesn’t tell the whole story. He pitched 127.1 innings this season allowing 76 hits, 39 walks, and 144 strike outs.

Adams saw his best work though after he got his promotion to AA. At one point he went 47 innings and allowed only 17 hits. Of those 17 hits only 5 of them were extra base hits. July he allowed just 10 hits through a 32 inning stretch. After the all star break he pitched 42 innings allowing 22 hits and pitching to a 1.73ERA. The most impressive part about this stat is that it includes a game in which he was brought out after a long inning. He ended up giving up six hits that night and three runs in a game that he was dominating until that point. 

Only July 9th Adams pitched 6 innings of no hit baseball before being pulled because of a pitch count. His next outing he would go four innings before allowing a hit, and only gave up one hit that night as well.

Chance Adams was so dominating this season, that his pitching Coach said if there was any downfall of his season it was that he didn’t pitch from the stretch enough. 

Adams is the type prospect to keep your eye on. He is primed for a break out season in 2017, and with another impressive campaign next season who knows if he could earn a promotion to the Major’s. With the Yankees rotation woes Adams has a chance to impact the rotation next season if he keeps up the work. 

Adams finished the season ranked 13th in the Yankee farm system. Look for the 22 year old to have a break out year in the Minor’s next year. 

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Author: David Rinehart

Die hard Yankees fan! Grew up rooting for the dynasty the Yankees built in the 90's.

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