DiehardNYY Mailbag Q&A Looking Forward To 2017

Question #1 from @yankeesfann11

Who would you sign in the off-season?


I see the Yankees having another very quiet season in free agency this season. I think that there is a chance that the Yankees could pursue Aroldis Chapman and reunion between them. 

If the Yankees end up not going the Aroldis Chapman direction. They could explore a reunion with Boone Logan. It would have to be a one or two year deal with virtually no money for the Yankees to pull off that deal.

A very far fetched option in my opinion would be Brett Anderson. He’s only 29, he has some potential, but he is also coming off an injury. He will most likely get a short deal that he can try to add to his value and cash out on a big contract before his prime is over.

I’d look for the Yankees to be much more aggressive on the trading front. Hal wants to get under that luxury tax number, and then splurge in the 2018 class and combine them with their talented farm system

Question # 2 from @nick_ryann98

Who is most likely to be traded in the off season? Ellsbury, Gardner or McCann.


Jacoby Ellsbury- Well, if we start with the process of elimination we can eliminate Ellsbury. He has a contract that nobody wants anywhere near. 

Brian McCann- This is a tricky one. If the Yankees were to move McCann they would have almost no left handed power bats. There is also a lot of motivation to dump his salary if someone were willing to take him. Ultimately though I think the Yankees keep him. I think he is the DH against righties and the back up catcher. He will serve as a mentor to Gary Sanchez. I truly don’t see anyone willing to pick up his entire contract either.

Brett Gardner- I think that Gardner would be the most likely if any were to go. I say that because Gardner’s contract is horrendous, and he could probably be dumped and help someone out if needed; however, I personally think that all three will be with the Yankees on opening day next season.

Question #3 from @krang44

What’re the chances Romine is a Yankee next year?


I’d say close to zero. You can’t keep three catchers on the 25 man roster. Higshioka is gone if he isn’t added to the 40 man roster. You can find other catchers close to Romine, so he is probably the most likely to leave. 

I have always been a fan of Romine’s work behind the plate, and I do believe his bat has potential, but with the Yankees depth at catcher I don’t see him sticking with the Yankees.

Question #4 from @bronxbombers27x

Who is the most likely Yankee trade target this season?


Anytime that you are analyzing for a potential trade it’s tough. The Yankees obviously need rotation help, but I wouldn’t look for them to dump prospects into Sale, Quintana, Archer, Fernandez and others. I’d look for them to try and make some other type of move.

Some potential trade targets could include: Hector Santiago, Tim Anderson, Shelby Miller, Jeremy Hellickson, Brandon Finnegan, and Anthony DeSclafani.

Again, coming up with a person for the Yankees to look and trade for is tough. I’d expect to see some moves, but it wouldn’t be for someone that is going to cost a lot of prospects. 

Question #5 from @mickmcleod924

What do you think the Yankee line up looks like at the end of the 2017 season?


  1. C- Sanchez/McCann
  2. 1B- Bird/Butler/Austin
  3. 2B-Castro
  4. SS-Gregorius
  5. 3B-Headley
  6. LF-Frazier/Gardner
  7. CF-Ellsbury/Williams/Hicks
  8. RF-Judge/Hicks
  9. DH-McCann/Butler

Author: David Rinehart

Die hard Yankees fan! Grew up rooting for the dynasty the Yankees built in the 90's.

2 thoughts on “DiehardNYY Mailbag Q&A Looking Forward To 2017”

    1. I think he has a chance. I imagine that Montgomery and Enns are currently ahead of him right now. He hasn’t been to AAA yet, but if he continues dominating like he did this season I’ll be surprised if he isn’t added.


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