The Yankees Playoff Roundup Analysis. Everything You Need To Know

Earlier today we talked about the possible scenarios for the Yankees playoff run. Below is a list of possible Yankee records and what other teams would need to do to beat them out 

If the Yankees go 9-2 the records below are what others team have to do to beat out the Yankees. Not tie, but beat the Yankees.

  • Toronto 6-4 (if the Yankees go 9-2 you can assume 3 of Toronto’s losses will probably come to New York. Forcing them to go 5-1)
  • Baltimore 7-3 (if the Yankees go 9-2 you can also assume 2 losses will most likely come to the hands of the Yankees. That would force them to go 7-1 to beat out the Yankees
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Baltimore and Toronto play a 3 game series, so if the Yankees go 9-2 and win each series against both teams. One team would be knocked out because someone would have to lose twice in the three game series against each other.
  • Detroit 9-3 (remember this also includes today’s double header.)
  • Houston 8-2 
  • Seattle 10-1
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Seattle and Houston play each other, so if the Yankees go 9-2 you can eliminate one of those teams. If Seattle takes 2/3 neither team could beat out the Yankees if they go 9-2

9-2 looks like it is the magic number for the Yankees to make the playoffs. 88 wins should get it done for the Yankees. If they went 8-3 they would still have a chance, but they couldn’t control their own destiny. 

If the Yankees can go 9-2 and win both the Toronto and Orioles series. It is almost impossible that the Yankees would miss the playoffs. Here are the pitching matchups for the Toronto series.

  • Mitchell vs Liriano
  • Sabathia vs Stroman
  • Pineda vs Estrada
  • Tanaka vs Happ

At 9-2 the Yankees can control their own destiny. If you want to see what other teams have to do in order to beat them st 8-3, 7-4 etc. simply make the teams record one game better. If they had to go 6-4 to beat out the Yankees now they have to go 5-5 to beat out the Yankees if they were 8-3 etc.

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Author: David Rinehart

Die hard Yankees fan! Grew up rooting for the dynasty the Yankees built in the 90's.

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