With 11 Games To Go. The Yankees Are Still In The Playoff Hunt 

After losing five straight just two days ago, the Yankees still find themselves in striking range for the playoffs. 

The Yankees will enter play today just two games behind Baltimore, tied with Seattle, one behind Houston, and two behind Detroit.

The Tigers will be playing a double header today against the Twins. This most likely plays into the Yankees hands, as it’s hard to sweep a double header. If the Tigers were to somehow drop both games, and the Yankees won they would be tied with Detroit as well.

The Yankees need to turn their attention to Seattle, Houston, and Detroit. If the Yankees could get ahead of those teams. They can take care of Baltimore, and Toronto by playing them head-to-head. 

The Yankees could still control their own destiny. The Yankees would actually be okay if they gained no more ground on Baltimore, but got in front of all the other teams on the outside looking in.

While the playoffs are still within reach for the Yankees. Missed opportunities against the Red Sox, and Dodgers continue to haunt them. With that being said the Yankees have a realistic chance at the playoffs.

One thing is for sure this 2016 team never gives up. There has to be credit given to these players who continue to battle. After dropping five straight it would have been easy to fall apart and give up on the season, but the Yankees have responded by taking the first two against Tampa Bay, and come in today with a chance at a sweep.

Below are some things that will play into the Yankees hands over the final playoff push.

  • Though Baltimore plays Arizona at home. The first two games they’re pitching Gallardo, and Miley. In a series that looks lopsided, the pitching match ups could prove to hurt Baltimore.
  • The Mariners and the Astros have a three game series coming up against each other on Monday.
  • After the Tigers play a double header today, they turn to a 7 game home-stand against the Royals (3) and the Indians (4)
  • After the Orioles finish their 3 game home-stand against Arizona. They play a three game series against Toronto.

The Yankees playoff hopes will rely on their ability to streak. If they can complete the sweep against the Rays today, and take three of four against Toronto. The Yankees will put themselves in a great position in the playoff hunt. 

The Yankees could actually find themselves one game out of the wild card, and in a three team tie with Houston, Detroit, and Seattle if everything works in the Yankees favor today; however, Detroit getting swept in a double-header today is probably a bit far fetched.

Just when you think they blew their playoff chances. They have been given one last chance. It starts today by needing to complete a sweep against the Rays.

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Author: David Rinehart

Die hard Yankees fan! Grew up rooting for the dynasty the Yankees built in the 90's.

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