Yankee Trade Target: Hector Santiago 

Hector Santiago is coming close to finishing his fifth full-time major league season this year. Santiago, who is pitching for his third team in five years, has struggled between the Angels and Twins this season. The four seasons prior to this year, Santiago had become a reliable arm in the middle of the rotation.

Over four seasons in the majors, Santiago owned a 3.85ERA between the Angels and White Sox. This season has been a struggle for Santiago.  He has a 4.87ERA this season, and has been horrendous since his trade with the Angels.

Santiago was traded to the Twins this season for Ricky Nolasco and Alex Myers. Though Nolasco and Santiago proved to be pretty much an even swap, Myers was a once highly regarded pitcher who has struggled in the higher levels. This shows that his trade value is low, and he should be able to come over in a deal for a rather cheap price. He is arbitration eligible for this upcoming season, and then he will be a free agent. This gives a team a lot of flexibility because he can simply be released with almost no implications if he doesn’t work out.

Since it is his last season before he gets a deal, Santiago will most likely look to bounce back and re-establish his value. He’s also known to be tough on divisional foes. He’s posted a 3.80ERA against Baltimore, 3.05ERA against Boston, 2.41ERA against Toronto, and finally a 4.86ERA against Tampa Bay.

Santiago is only 28 years old and is a left handed sinker ball pitcher. He has been burned on the long ball this season allowing 33 long balls over 175.2 innings pitched this season. He has left a lot of sinkers over the heart of the plate.

Given the status of the Yankee rotation right now. Santiago could be a potential “buy low” candidate. He posted a 1.81 ERA in July before being traded to the Twins. Given the flexibility the Yankees could have with him there could be a potential for a trade here. The Yankees are notorious for looking to make additions without having to give up much to upgrade a certain position.

Sometimes a change of scenery could be what is needed for a player. He could prove to help solidify a mangled Yankee rotation, and he would not stunt the Yankee youth movement either. He is expendable, as he could be released with no implications past this season. You could also run into lightning in a bottle.

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Author: David Rinehart

Die hard Yankees fan! Grew up rooting for the dynasty the Yankees built in the 90's.

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