Yankees Trade Brian McCann To Astros

The Yankees have made their first plunge of the off-season by trading Brian McCann to the Astros. 

The Yankees will acquire prospects Albert Abreu, and Jorge Guzman.

Albert Abreu posted a 3.72ERA this year. He is ranked as the Astros seventh prospect. Here is what baseball America had to say.

DAVENPORT, Iowa—One quick look—or even just the sound of the mitt popping as he warmed up—was enough evidence of why the Astros and scouts are excited about the development of righthander Albert Abreu.

The 20-year-old Dominican signed for $185,000 in August 2013 and rose quickly from not ranked within the Astros’ Top 30 entering 2015 to No. 12 entering this season. On a chilly night in Iowa, Abreu showed both why he’s rising with a bullet and why excitement should be tempered.
Pitching in Houston’s favored tandem system with Jose Hernandez, Abreu entered the game in the sixth and warmed up some blanket-covered fans by hitting 94 mph on his first pitch and 97 on his third—although he walked his first batter.

Jorge Guzman is coming over in the deal as well. He worked to a 4.05ERA this season at just 20 years of age. 

This means that the Yankees will most likely retain Austin Romine as the back up for Gary Sanchez. 

This comes as no surprise after the Gary Sanchez saga in New York this second half of the season. With the Yankees lack of pitching they have stock piled even more young pitching talent and depth. 

The Yankees have also sent 5.5 million annually to the Astros. This possibly could be some extra change for them to make a play in free agency.

McCann struggled to adjust in the American League. The shift hurt his average tremendously. Yankee fans will fondly look back on McCann’s tenure as a Yankee. He was a fiery leader, and was a strong catcher despite his struggle to bat for a high average. 

Going into 2016 you never would have thought that McCann would be on his way out, but after the way that Gary Sanchez slugged his way to the top of the Yankees system. There was only one choice for the Yankees to make. McCann handled losing his job with absolute class, and was a true Yankee during the entire process.

Regardless, the Yankees will miss McCann, but the future looks even brighter now. The Yankees continued making strides for the future, and this move further encourages the Yankee youth movement. 


Author: David Rinehart

Die hard Yankees fan! Grew up rooting for the dynasty the Yankees built in the 90's.

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