The Two Free Agents That Could Make The Yankees Contenders

The Yankees just signed Matt Holliday to a one year deal. Though Holliday isn’t the pretty signing. He does have a knack for getting on base, hitting in the clutch, and still provides pretty good pop at the age of 36.

One could say that this move is a way for the Yankees to possibly trade off Gardner. Below are two moves that the Yankees could make to make themselves legit contenders without breaking the bank.

1) Sign Aroldis Chapman (5 years $85 million)

This comes as an obvious move that most Yankee fans anticipate the team making. Chapman has expressed his interest in returning to the team that took a risk on him originally. Signing Chapman will be expensive, but it loads the back of their bullpen for not just this year, but years to come as well.

Now, for number two, this is will be an unpopular opinion if the Yankees want to bolster their bats without affecting their upcoming spending spree or youth development.

2) Billy Butler (1 year, $5 million)

Butler is an undervalued piece in this free agency class. He’s looking to reestablish his value and could make an impact on the Yankee lineup.

This contract would make him expendable if the experiment went bad. It also could be able for the Yankees to improve their offense without having to pay a bunch of money to an expensive free agent.

Butler is a known AL East killer. Especially, against the Red Sox. The Yankees could benefit from a bounceback year from Butler. In his limited time with the Yankees he hit well. He also has a keen sense to reach base safely.

This would allow for Butler and Bird to platoon and give Butler, Holliday, and Sanchez time to use at DH.

The only problem with this move is that it makes the Yankees right handed heavy, but there is no doubt it could play a huge dividend if both veterans put together a solid season.

This wouldn’t necessarily affect Tyler Austin either. The Yankees are thin at first after Bird and Austin. Austin showed true promise last year, but a year of him bouncing back and forth at AAA and getting regular at bats would be very beneficial for him.

The winter meetings are just getting started, so it should be interesting to see what happens with the Yankees from this point on. If the Yankees did go this route the lineup would look something similar to this:

  1. Ellsbury CF (L)
  2. Headley 3B (S)
  3. Bird 1B (L)
  4. Sanchez C (R)
  5. Holliday LF (R)
  6. Didi SS (L)
  7. Castro (R)
  8. Butler DH (R)
  9. Judge/Hicks RF (R/L)

That lineup looks much improved over last year’s lineup and your two veteran bats that you signed are off the books at the end of the year.

Regardless, there is a lot still to come from the winter meetings and it should be interesting to see what the Yankees end up doing.


Author: David Rinehart

Die hard Yankees fan! Grew up rooting for the dynasty the Yankees built in the 90's.

4 thoughts on “The Two Free Agents That Could Make The Yankees Contenders”

  1. Putting Holliday in the field would be a huge mistake, both because he is terrible out there and because of the wear and tear on his body.

    And we saw last year how terrible Butler is at first.

    Both Butler and Holliday are DHs at this point. It is one or the other.


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