The Interesting Position The Yankees Find Themselves In With Matt Holliday

Matt Holliday was the first “splash” the Yankees made in the free agency market this season. With an offense that has struggled to be consistent the Yankees brought in a veteran bat that still has a lot of potential. They signed him to a one year 13 million dollar deal. 

Holliday has struggled to stay healthy since 2014. He didn’t find himself on the DL once that season and put together a very respectable season .272BA/20HR/90RBI. The Yankees are now looking to potentially capitalize on being able to keep him healthy in the American League DH role. Prior to his injuries Matt Holliday was one of the most consistent hitters in baseball. His 162 game career average season looks like this .303BA/27HR/105RBI. If he put together anything near that for the Yankees he would be their best offensive bat. 

Outside of the basic numbers, Holliday also does something very well that the Yankees struggle with every season, he hits in the clutch. Holliday boasts a very impressive .305 batting average with runners in scoring position. Combining that with an on base percentage of .400 in those situations. Also, with two outs and runners on he is batting a strong .280 with a .390 on base percentage in those situations. This makes Holliday the perfect middle of the line up bat for the Yankees. The Yankees have struggled to capitalize on potentially large innings, but Holliday could be the guy they need to start knocking in runs. He has also been in the playoffs seven times, reaching the World Series 3 times as well as winning 1.

The Yankees find themselves in an interesting position with Matt Holliday though. It’s a feeling similar to that of when the Yankees got Chapman last off season. Rest assured that Matt Holliday is here to help the Yankees reach the playoffs in 2017 and help make the Yankees offense more productive, but if the Yankees find themselves in the same situation as they did last year then Matt Holliday could become trade bait. The Yankees have a chance to build Matt Holliday back up in a hitter friendly ball park and using him as a DH to keep him healthy. Then, if the Yankees do well this year the signing was worth it and he helped the Yankees thrive in 2017; however, if the Yankee rotation struggles and they find themselves on the outside looking in, Matt Holliday could be the perfect flip for prospect candidate. The Yankees truly have nothing in him by signing him to a one year 13 million dollar deal, but if he puts together a solid season there will be contenders lined up looking to bolster their offense and willing to part with prospects.

We hope that Matt Holliday will help contribute as a Yankee and be the spark the Yankees needed to bring them back to the post season. The Yankees have positioned themselves perfectly in this  deal that they can win in multiple ways. Even if he isn’t successful there is a team that would pick up the second half of his salary in the hopes of bringing him back. The Yankees have put themselves in a situation where they can’t lose in this deal.


Author: David Rinehart

Die hard Yankees fan! Grew up rooting for the dynasty the Yankees built in the 90's.

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