Should The Yankees Look At Signing James Loney?

There was a lot of talk about how the Yankees should look to improve their offense. A right handed bat such as Matt Hollidays was a welcomed addition to the Yankee line-up, but something is missing. The Yankees traded Brian McCann and have a hole in a spot that they almost never have had an issue filling. They need a left handed bat in the line up to help balance things out.

The Yankees could look to sign free agent, James Loney. The lefty has always enjoyed a ton of success at Yankee Stadium. Over his career he is a .385 batter at Yankee Stadium with 4 home runs and 21RBI’s in 32 games. He also is a clutch hitter batting .301 with runners in scoring position and has punished right handers, batting .295/.349/.431 against righties. 

Loney will most likely be looking for a short term, cheap deal with a team where he can try and re-establish his value. With question marks surrounding Greg Bird, and Tyler Austin coming back up after spending just over a month in the majors, James Loney could be a welcomed addition to the team. He could split DH at bats with Matt Holliday and give Greg Bird a blow when needed.

Given the nature of the deal for Loney he could be expendable for the Yankees should Greg Bird and Tyler Austin tear the ball out of camp and through the beginning of the season, but he acts as a strong insurance policy for any issues at first base, and could give the Yankees that left handed bat they seem to be missing for the 2017 season. 


Author: David Rinehart

Die hard Yankees fan! Grew up rooting for the dynasty the Yankees built in the 90's.

7 thoughts on “Should The Yankees Look At Signing James Loney?”

  1. the problem with signing Loney is that it’s a waste of a roster spot that is better spent on a younger player.

    the Yankees need to develop their prospects not give a roster spot to a third-string first baseman.

    nothing wrong with loney a a player (other than substandard offense) but he’s a lousy fit for the 2017 Yankees,


  2. On a minor league deal (not on the 40) it’s a good idea.
    Surely some guys will be picked up (as it is every year for every team) to fill in the gaps. Ruben Tejada has already been signed as one of those guys.
    There’s not a lot going on at 1B in the upper levels. Chris Parmelee (and Ike Davis/Nick Swisher) came in handy last year. Right now Mike Ford would fill that role and he can’t do it alone so someone will likely be added.
    Loney will be looking for a better job so it’s a tough sell and it’ll likely be awhile, if ever, but it would be a good move if you can get him.


  3. Not likely at all. The Yankees are committed to giving the young players a chance over the next 2 years and with Bird and Austin competing there is no room for Loney. Under other circumstances he would be a candidate as a backup 1B and LH DH but to paraphrase Bob Dylan the times they have a-changed.


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