This Scenario Could Send Ellsbury And His Contract To The Mets

Earlier today Jon Heyman broke the news on Twitter that Marlins catcher, JT Realmuto is looking to get out of Miami and has requested a trade. Realmuto is the perfect fit for the Mets, he has three years of player control left, and addresses their vulnerability behind the plate, but they simply don’t have the pieces to get a deal done for the 26 year old catcher.

There is another issue that the Mets will face again in 2018 and that is their lack of production in the outfield and their lack of future outfield depth as well. This is where you can enter the Yankees. If the Yankees were to get involved in a three way trade to send Realmuto to Queens would the Mets be willing to take on Jacoby Ellsbury and his contract? While Ellsbury hasn’t lived up to his contract he is a very serviceable veteran outfielder who batted .263 with 7 long balls and 39 runs batted in, while still maintaining a .348 on base percentage which was his best since his final season at Fenway. Oh, and don’t forget he stole 22 bases and still has a pretty decent glove.

Depending on the degree in which the Yankees were involved in the trade the Yankees could also ask for one of their starters in return if the Yankees felt the salary relief wasn’t enough in the trade. The Yankees have plenty of outfield depth and if they lack in anything its major league proven pitching options and this could be a driving force into why this trade would make sense for both teams. The Mets could off set this trade by reasoning the payroll that is added is essentially split between Realmuto and Ellsbury which helps them compete now and the Yankees are able to get rid of Ellsbury’s albatross of a contract and frees up their payroll for the star studded 2018 draft class while potentially even adding some major league ready pitching, and opening up freedom for Yankee prospects in the outfield since they won’t be stuck behind Ellsbury. Miami is known to like recent Yankee addition Jabari Blash and while it would take a lot more than that to secure Realmuto, Blash is obviously a piece that the fish would like to have.

The final hurdle of this trade would be if Ellsbury would in fact accept the trade to the Mets. One big factor is that his life style wouldn’t change much since he would still be in New York and would be playing almost everyday instead of being buried on the bench behind Yankee prospects. There is a handful of trade opportunities that are win-wins for everyone, but this trade not only addresses the Mets lack of production in the outfield and behind the plate. It also provides the Yankees with much needed salary relief to stay under the 197 million dollar luxury tax threshold and gives them wiggle room to sign another piece in 2018.

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Author: David Rinehart

Die hard Yankees fan! Grew up rooting for the dynasty the Yankees built in the 90's.

One thought on “This Scenario Could Send Ellsbury And His Contract To The Mets”

  1. Sounds reasonable David let’s get the paperwork in order for this one going. Not giving up Blash though if we don’t have to. Also I’m curious what pitcher we get back in deal.


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